Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Steps

Be a gaited breed, amble along paths with large hips, the location of a simple fulcrum the point from which your body swings to the even four beat drumming up from the ground– It holds your weight, soft as sand. Watch shadows fit and blend around you as you pick your steps over ancient geology,  […]

Bright Morning

In bright morning light, something  inside leads the way out  to go bare, skin to skin with the sun. The walk on soft ground quiets the hammering day yesterday and last night’s dream where I tried to work it all out. Walking the fields this morning I trample furrows, forget the headache, let the dog […]

Spoken Word Healing

Wednesday evening, eight of the Twin Cities’ youngest and most talented spoken word poets performed the work that they will pack up and carry with them to Chicago for the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, August 7–11. The event at the Black Dog Cafe was organized for the Lowertown Reading Jam, a Saint Paul […]

Pale Water Sky Colored

I inherited a skin, a boat,  a light bundle. I carry it, I fold it small to hide it, I have traveled by it, across oceans, up rivers, over miles and miles of land– sometimes calm or frozen, sometimes waves like mountains–  pulling oars, moving backwards, viewing shoreline in the distance away, away, because I am […]

Come Down the Silver

Come down the silver– Caught in tall basketssifting and settling Come down the silver–The sky one big graydriving the cold flocks Come down the silver–it comes without end’til the trees bow down   *Four inches of snow fell last night, April 22. Seventy degrees promised by the weekend.

Kasota Ponds Blackbirds

Red-winged blackbirds flickering murmur so nervous, can’t perch still branch to branch noisy traffic still light tracks groan hollowed out noise nooses, paper or plastic blow around sunset stills the dark roost gathers near the ponds still not named for Highway 280 or the Santa Fe train. *My Earth Day poem for my favorite clean-up […]

Night Rain

The rain sounds come late after a long walk, in time, a beat, for my sleep.