Monthly Archives: October 2013

A White Settler’s Perspective: Listening and Losing the Sports Metaphors

In my work as a journalist I have reported on a number of Native American’s stories. I have spent the past few years reporting on the Ojibwe language revitalization movement and the Dakota struggle to reclaim rights and recognition in their homeland. I have listened to voices on all sides of often painful stories, including […]

Les Femmes en Situation Precaire

The stain, the lie, the leaf leach of gold and burgundy in this falling apart time for change and good causes — exhaust philanthropy. A borrowed story, bought and believed, helps because, like a prayer well composed and offered with grace to the audience, it finds reward. It multiplies good even when it beggars belief. Women […]

Kung Fu Zombies Vs. Cannibals is Monstrously Good!

We made our way cautiously to the Southern Theatre last night. The street was teeming with pale and bloodied creatures loping around with cigarettes dangling from black lips, raising plastic cups of sour beer to the autumn night sky. The perfect setting for the world premiere of a Mu Theatre’s production of Kung Fu Zombies […]

Artists and Writers Collaborate with Community Development Advocates at LISC’s 25th Anniversary Reception

Shaunté Douglas, Clarence White, Lisa Steinmann, Shaquan Foster, Abe Levin, Donte Collins, Kimberly Nightingale, Nimo Farah Last night I joined a group of Saint Paul Almanac writers participating in a collaborative art project that was conducted during the “The Art of Collaboration” reception at the Minneapolis Depot Pavilion. The event opened the annual conference and […]