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Mending History 17: Where are Your Stories?

It happened at a meeting between an Indian community in northwest British Columbia and some government officials. The officials claimed the land for the government. The natives were astonished by the claim. They couldn’t understand what these relative newcomers were talking about. Finally one of the elders put what was bothering them in the form […]

Mending the Past 16: Thanks for Good Times

Vårt dagliga bröd giv oss idag. Give us today our daily bread. –The Lords’ Prayer This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and it is a reminder that, these days, we live in a time of plenty. We don’t worry about not having enough to eat. Instead, the anxiety the holiday raises is rooted in ‘too much’ […]

Mending the Past 15: A Guide to Mending

La plaie mal suturée parviendra-t-elle cicatriser avec le temps? The wound that is badly sutured, will it form a scar over time? Estelle Chrétien Mending the past is what I decided to call this story at the outset. The lives I am writing about have been flawed, broken, torn in many ways. Maja Lisa was separated […]

Mending the Past 14: The Children

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday, I walk myself into a state of well-being & walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. But by sitting still, & the more one […]

Mending the Past 13: Land of Memory

“The native Härjaborna [Härja-born] speaks Härjadialekt [Härja dialect]. It is of course a form of Västgöta Dialect, about which much is written and preserved. I remember that it was a difficult experience in the big world when as a 12-year-old came to attend Daretorp school [in the neighboring parish] and was teased for my Härjadialekt.” –Per-Göran […]

Mending the Past 12: Double Cousins & farfarsmormorsmor

Studying the family tree is such an interesting exercise in kinship math. For example, I have focused much of my story on my great, great, great grandmother Maja Lisa Magnusdotter, the wonderfully named farfarsmormorsmor (father’s father’s mother’s mother’s mother). She is only one of 32 third great grandmothers I have. Each generation effectively doubles. If […]

Mending the Past 11: Enchantment and the meaning of one word

Det angår jord og gror av alt ditt hold – Eg ligg i armen din og drikk meg ør og varm går under i deg som ein død i mold og søv ei vårnatt vekk innved din barm. Eg sansar deg igjennom alt eg drøymer, til glade fuglerøyster bryt min blund og morgonsola gjennom ruta […]