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A Place for Dakota Stories: The Bdote Memory Map

Some words just keep poking through no matter what you are thinking or writing about. Today the word place appeared again, as regularly as a thread passing over the warp. Dakota storyteller and media artist Mona Smith, speaking at the Minnesota Humanities Center emphasized the importance of place in her work on the Bdote Memory Map, […]

Fortune Teller

Paper wrapped up reflections, questions– What would you be? Fingernail scratched folds, all four corners. Flipped. Folded some more–then worked with fingertips; a fortune teller that taps back and forth triangles  that confront each other, trade questions, change solutions; this is social work. Considering,  blending, studying–a bawking chicken’s beak that speaks while the family does not, […]


“Hey! We’d love to have you back!” He says. I don’t even know the voice but it bumps me. I recover quickly, with force, and put things in the right order. One, “Uh…” Two, “Thanks.” Three, “No thanks.” His voice holds the line, “May I ask why?” Subscribing leads to persistent recycling. It’s a drag. Memories […]

Frosting on the Cake–A Midwest Book Award finalist!

Our book, the cooperatively crafted 2013 Saint Paul Almanac is a finalist for the Midwest Book Awards. The awards are sponsored by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA), a regional affiliate of the Independent Book Publishers Association. Entries come from the 12-state Midwest region and are recognized for creativity in content and execution, overall book […]

May 2013

An inhalation of green so sharp with yellow, a shot of color in springtime, after a long winter, of TV shows and tires that ground the white down to forgettable gray day after day–it snowed this year into May. A cup for hands, opening buds, a smell like lilacs we imagine will bloom tomorrow.

Saving Seeds

A bean, uncurling from the gut, rose up, shedding clothing and was born. A girl to her mother’s  mother’s mother’s place– for thousands of years– a customary place, where every rock, snow and animal  had kept its first name. The sky, in every season was the only book. Heads bowed as hands worked, dough kneaded […]

Beating Back Wicked Winter, Welcoming Spring: American Swedish Institute’s Cocktails at the Castle

The American Swedish Institute hosted a bash last night that may have raised temperance movement activist Swan Turnblad’s eyebrow. Glasses of local beer and St. Germaine infused cocktails were raised and fires were lit in the Turnblad mansion yards. Rock music crackled into the night sky and Prince Hamlet, a Dane, roamed the house. Saints preserve […]